Jeff Teague 25 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (2/13/2018)

Timberwolves fans have, sometimes (mostly) rightfully, directed their ire towards Jeff “Rocket Teague” Teague for his inconsistent play this season. But I think they need to gain some perspective: at least they don’t have Jeff’s cruddy brother Marquis Teague starting for them instead.

Marquis, according to his brother, left college too early, then kicked around the NBA for a couple years before migrating permanently to Europe, never to be seen again. Sources say he’s back in the D-League; I choose not to believe those sources because they are the same sources that told me that Brandon Jennings is back in the States, which is obviously a lie.

The Timberwolves had a good chance of winning this one until the Rockets dropped 10 threes on them in the fourth quarter. I’m sure Minnesota fans are already finding ways to blame Teague for that shooting display, but he was a big part of them being close in the first place. 25 points and 8 assists is not something Rubio was giving the team very often, and Marquis would give it to them approximately 0 percent of the time. So count your blessings.

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