Ryan Anderson 21 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/13/2018)

Ryan Anderson has not been putting up the big scoring games that we’re used to from him. And he wasn’t tonight, either, until he decided the fourth quarter was the perfect time to hit some threes from WAY out there. He still only ended up with 21, which for the old Ryan Anderson would be hardly worth nothing, but the way he did it was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen from him all year.

Besides that poster dunk he had on Alex Len. Don’t think I forgot about that one.

Anderson’s three-chucking is down a bit from last year, on a per-minute basis, but he is chucking them as a higher percentage of his shot attempts. As he gets older, I feel like his inside game is going to keep getting less and less important, until five years from now where he literally runs away from open layups so he can shoot another three. That’s the way the league’s going people, and if you don’t like it, you can watch hockey. We don’t want doubters.

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