Julius Randle 20 Points Full Highlights (2/14/2018)

Somehow I got the idea that Julius Randle scored more points than this. I got to the end of the game, he only had 20, and I was like “what”, because I thought he had a few more than that. Oops. Not going to throw out all the work I did, though, so here you go.

It’s not so bad. You get to see exactly what happens when a man with beef (Randle) goes up against men without beefs (Anthony Davis, Nikola Mirotic). Davis is good, but he’s lacking in brute strength, something that Randle has and is willing to use at every opportunity. The gameplan for him was simple: post up on the left block, and dominate. Put that way, it seems like the Lakers should’ve gone to him every time down the court, but even if effective that’s a recipe for team chemistry issues. Alex Caruso would get jealous that he doesn’t get to post up.

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