Gary Harris 28 Points Full Highlights (2/15/2018)

The Bucks apparently still have problems defending the three, because they just let the Nuggets can 25 triples while they stood around and waited for Giannis to bail them out. The Harrises accounted for 7 of them, 5 of them from Gary Harris who is the Harris who we are talking about right now. Devin Harris will have to wait for his own highlight video, which may or may not ever happen before he dies.

Truth be told, I’m just glad Will Barton didn’t go off on us. I don’t like him as much as I like Gary. While he was hitting a bunch of shots in the first half, I was like “at least it’s not Barton going off on us anymore”. I say that about a lot of players in the league. I have my favorites, and if my favorites dominate the Bucks, I’m not even mad. Any other player puts up 30/15/17 like Jokic dude, I probably go down to my local park and yell obscenities into a megaphone until the police arrive, tackle me, put me in their special car with the pretty lights, and take me away.

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