Jamal Murray 26 Points Full Highlights (2/15/2018)

The Nuggets commentators kept bringing up Jamal Murray’s 36-point performance in last year’s Rising Stars challenge. I guess he’s doing it again this year? That’s all fine, good for him, except I don’t think those commentators realized that NO ONE gives even one half of a crap about the Rising Stars game. You’d be hard pressed to even find someone who truly cares about the All-Star game, which is already way more prestigious, much less the Rising Stars game. Am I supposed to be impressed that he hit nine threes in an exhibition where no one was playing defense?

He’s had so many good scoring games this season that are each, on their own, about 100 times more valuable and entertaining than whatever crap goes on over All-Star weekend. 26 isn’t even that much less than 36, but were they freaking out over this? Not really, except for a little bit in the third quarter.

I don’t mean to sound hateful, but I don’t like it when non-achievements get bandied about like they’re worth anything.

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