Tyler Zeller 14 Points Full Highlights (2/15/2018)

Tyler Zeller in 30 minutes tonight: 14 points, +9 (only Buck with a positive plus/minus)

Thon Maker in 17 minutes tonight: 4 points, -20 (worst plus/minus on the team)

Now, I know full well that is dangerous to make sweeping assumptions based on single-game plus/minus, but I think this data point illustrates a larger trend: Maker sucks and constantly tanks the Bucks whenever he is in the game. He hasn’t been as bad recently, so good for him, but he is still extremely prone to sucking really big dong.

I don’t think Zeller is an especially great player or anything, but he at least avoided getting totally demolished by Nikola Jokic tonight. Sure, Jokic got the better of him a bunch of times, but it wasn’t EVERY time which was the case for Maker. He even scored a bunch of buckets, and while they may look unimpressive (because they are unimpressive), I think Maker, given the same chances, makes about three of them.

You know things are bad when I’m desperate for John Henson to come back.

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