Domantas Sabonis 21 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2018)

Look at the bags under Domantas “The Big Bone” Sabonis’ eyes. He is done with the season, you can tell. He had a whole All-Star break to sit around and do nothing (except “play” in the Rising Stars challenge), and his face still looks like one of a downtrodden/borderline suicidal 9-to-5 office worker. He hasn’t been very good in the month of February, aside from tonight, and I think I’ve found the reason. He just wants to go home and talk to his dad about how things were in the old country, and maybe not play basketball for a month or two or twenty.

In the meantime, he could probably hit up one of those YouTube makeup channels to find out how to make those eye-bags a little less noticeable. If this account gets deleted again, that’s definitely the direction I’m going to pivot towards. No one can claim copyright when it’s just my stubbly deformed face being slathered with all sorts of random creams and gels and colors.

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