Justise Winslow 17 Points Full Highlights (2/24/2018)

Remember when Danny Ainge almost traded a gigantic package of draft picks to the Hornets in order to receive a draft pick that would guarantee him the ability to draft Justise “Bustise” Winslow? If that had gone down, the Celtics would probably be sitting at the eleventh seed in the East and Winslow would be averaging 12 points per game for them on 38% shooting because the Celtics would be so desperate to turn him into a good, or even decent, player on the offensive end.

I think the way things turned out is more agreeable for everybody, except the Hornets because they kept their pick and drafted Frank Kaminsky with it, and Kaminsky peaked his senior year of college. The Heat didn’t exactly bet the house on Winslow turning into a consistent producer, which is good news for them because Winslow is anything but a consistent producer. People tell me that he plays defense but I don’t watch basketball to see defense being played, so as far as I’m concerned, those people are wrong and I am right.

Ainge is probably looking at box-scores right now and coming to the sudden realization that the guy he thought was worth five draft picks just had his fourth-highest scoring game in the NBA by scoring a blistering seventeen points.

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