Tyler Johnson 23 Points Full Highlights (2/24/2018)

Things that annoy me about this video:

-Free throws. There’s too many of them. When a player makes more free throws than he makes field goals, that’s a telltale sign that I will be annoyed by having to make the video. In this case, Tyler Johnson made just six field goals while converting on nine free throws. It’s times like these when I just want to abandon all my earthly possessions and live the life of a hermit in a cave somewhere.

-Facial hair. Tyler Johnson has it and it sucks. I mention it in pretty much every highlight video I make of him (actually this is the first one because MY OLD CHANNEL GOT TERMINATED AND ALL MY VIDEOS ARE GONE), but that beard is just not working at all. He looks like a caveman who was reanimated by cutting-edge, but inadvisable, DNA experiments.

-Commentary. Eric Reid says “kaboom” for a three-pointer even though it doesn’t drop cleanly through the net. It just seems weird to say “kaboom”, which to me indicates a wet and perfect three-pointer, for a shot which needs assistance from the rim to go in.

-Luke Babbitt. Not getting enough minutes. You think ten minutes is enough? It’s not.

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