Kelly Oubre 19 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2018)

Kelly Oubre walked up to John Wall in the locker room. “So, yeah, we’re totally playing better with you injured and sitting on the bench.”

John looked at his teammate coldly. “Why you gotta be that way, man? I’m in here supporting you guys every day.”

Looking up from the YouTube video that he was watching on his phone, Kelly continued, “Just saying, man. You don’t have to get all betrayed over it. We’re still friends. And that’s why I want you to help me with something.”

John looked suspicious. “This doesn’t have to do with that crazy doll you made, does it?”

Shaking his head, Kelly replied, “Nope. I shelved that project since I couldn’t find anybody to teach me how to cast voodoo spells.” He grabbed his teammate by the shoulders and forced him to his feet. “I need you to stand right…here,” he said, moving John to an open spot on the floor. “Now I can start practicing.”

“Start practicing what?”

“My new ninja karate moves!” Kelly announced proudly, before launching into a flying kick aimed directly at his teammate’s chest.

John, reacting quickly, grabbed Kelly’s approaching foot and roughly threw it away from him. “Man, I don’t remember saying that I wanted to be your test dummy for whatever stupid martial arts thing you think you learned off YouTube.”

“HIYAAAAAA!” Kelly shouted, executing a quick series of enthusiastic, but ineffective, arm chops against his foe. He then did an out-of-control spinning kick which saw his foot miss John’s head by several feet, then stood in a karate stance with his arms raised. Out of breath and panting, Kelly explained, “If I hadn’t been going easy on you, you’d be dead right now. I know all about pressure points now. I could kill you like nothing, no big deal at all.”

“Sure, whatever,” John said, rolling his eyes. “You done yet?”

Kelly relaxed his stance to put his hands on his knees. “Yeah. Doing all those complicated ninja moves wiped me out.”

“Good luck killing Klay or whatever,” John said sarcastically. “He definitely won’t be expecting your insane karate technique.”

“Thank you,” Kelly replied, glad that his teammate was acknowledging his extensive and arduous training in the ancient Japanese martial arts. “Klay stands no chance. Especially when I figure this doll out too. He’ll regret the day he crossed paths with Kelly Oubre Junior.”

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