Gary Harris 23 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2018)

Gary Harris was relatively clutch (if you ignore the fact that “clutchness” doesn’t exist as a long-term attribute) at the end of this game, hitting a three-pointer to leave the Nuggets down by one with fourteen seconds left. If this isn’t evidence that he should be shooting twenty shots per game in his quest to bump up his season average to 20 PPG, I don’t know what is. Do I have to go over to Coach Malone’s house and hit him in the face with a frying pan on which I’ve written the words “Gary Harris needs to average 20 PPG this season or I will be mad”? Do I have to kidnap Will Barton and put him in my “description dungeon” until the end of the season just so he doesn’t take away possessions from other players? Do I need to write a letter to Nikola Jokic’s mom saying that her son needs to improve his already considerable chemistry with Harris?

All those things are too much work for me and I shouldn’t have to do them. Harris should have an innate desire, almost an instinct if you will, to average that many points per game. He shouldn’t need me to start a new viral hashtag (#garyharris20ppgsquad, in case you were wondering) or hit his defenders with tranquilizer darts from the uppermost catwalks of the arena. It should just happen and I’m mad that it’s not.

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