Kris Dunn 23 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2018)

Say what you want about Kris Dunn, but the Bulls sorta looking decent there for a stretch with him starting. Then he got injured, falling victim to something called a “cuntcushion”. They took a game to notice that he wasn’t there anymore, and then they started losing. A lot. Like at the beginning of the season, but in a sadder way, because by this point they had proven that they could sometimes be competitive.

Now he’s back, and I think the Bulls are tanking now, so it doesn’t matter if he’s good or not. They did a lot of harm to their future teams by winning all those games, and they have to really get going on the losing before the season ends and there aren’t any more games to throw away.

This is Dunn’s third-best scoring game of his career, and it didn’t matter even a little bit: his team got manhandled by the lowly Nets. Still, it’s good to see that his brain injury, while likely hastening the eventual onset of Alzheimer’s and presenting a range of far-reaching implications, hasn’t robbed him entirely of his ability to play basketball. Just don’t ask him to try and figure out the shotclock. He still gets super confused when confronted with numbers.

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