Clint Capela 22 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (2/28/2018)

The last time the Rockets played the Clippers (or maybe it was two times ago?) we had that awesome story where Chris Paul told his entire Rockets squad about a secret passageway to the Clippers’ locker room, so a bunch of dudes showed up unannounced in the Clippers’ locker room ready to beat the snot out of Austin Rivers for some reason.

I didn’t hear about anything cool like that happening after this game. Has the bad blood cooled? Is the beef over? Do they not need Clint Capela to act as a diversion for anybody anymore (I know the story was changed so that the diversion was Tarik Black instead, but let me have this one thing)? It’s sort of hard to top the unbelievable antics of the first incident, but I was hoping that those antics would be topped. Maybe Russians would be involved. And hookers equipped with hidden cameras for remote reconnaisance. And advanced military tactics.

Instead, what I think happened is that Capela put on a dunk clinic, then everybody went home and nobody tried to kick anybody’s ass. Lame.

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