Otto Porter 29 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2018)

Everyone keeps saying that Otto Porter looks so much like Wilt Chamberlain that he could be his son, but does anyone else think he kinda looks like Rasheed Wallace too? No? Just me? Screw you guys. I think he looks like Sheed sort of. If he had a headband you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference probably.

The Sheed comparisons end there, happily. Also the Chamberlain comparisons, less happily. Porter is more of a… I don’t know. Pippen 0.5? Does that sound good? Half of a Pippen would be a really good player still. Half of a Pippen with a three-point shot, even better, and that’s what Porter is for sure. I’m thinking about it more and the more I think about it the more I think that I think that this is a very good comparison for Porter.

For the second game in a row he got off to a blazing start before cooling off. He didn’t cool off as drastically in this one, but the fact that he didn’t just keep hitting threes probably cost the Wizards the game.

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