De’Aaron Fox 21 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2018)

Say what you want about De’Aaron “Bottom 10 RPM In The League” Fox, but he doesn’t mind the big moments. Sure, he might throw up a horrible brick or commit an insane turnover, but those are things he does all the time anyway. Consistency is key in whatever you try to do in life. And if you gave the ball to anyone else on the team, they’d probably clam up and be all passive. Except for the vets. I don’t really feel comfortable giving Vince Carter the last shot these days, though.

Fox was clutch in this game, hitting a game-tying floater as time expired in regulation. Normally when a team is down they don’t take up all of the remaining time just to take a shot, but since the Kings can’t run an offensive set or defend, maybe it was better this way. I thought the shot was a clanker as it was in the air, he shot it super high like he was trying to bank it off the shot clock, but it went in, and his team ended up winning the game. Again, thanks to him, because he also hit a pair of nice shots in OT.

If this sounds too positive, it probably is, but I’m riding high off this exciting win. Sometimes I just want to watch fun basketball without worrying about if a player sucks or not.

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