Ersan Ilyasova 18 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2018)

Obviously, if you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you could guess that I wanted Ersan Ilyasova to return to the Bucks after he got bought out by the Hawks. He shoots threes. That’s what the Bucks need. Simple. Plus, I think his wife is from there. So that’s two good reasons, but Philly won out in the end. That’s cool too. He was really good for them in his previous half-season stint, so it makes sense why the 76ers would want him back.

Why they traded him for Tiago Splitter (LOL [lots of laughs]) is anybody’s guess, like, I don’t understand at all. I’ve said before that the idea of Ilyasova (a sweet-shooting stretch-four) is better than the reality of Ilyasova (a streaky shooter who can only play D by taking charges and is probably older than advertised), but that wasn’t so much the case when he was in Philly previously. He was legit a good player for them, and they got rid of him so they could snag another second-round pick.

Now he’s back, and as Marc Zumoff said, it’s like he never left. Philly is going to make the playoffs this year, and Ilyasova is a nice complementary piece that increases their chances of doing some damage while they’re there. 18 points is probably his max given the quality of his teammates, but if he can just come in and shoot a few threes and take a few charges, that’ll be just the thing.

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