Kris Dunn 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/2/2018)

It seems like the dream of the collective Bulls fanbase has come true: Jerian Grant has been pushed almost completely out of the rotation. With the emergence of Kris Dunn, the return of Zach LaVine, the somehow not-total-garbage play of Cameron Payne (Payne, Lauvergne, and Morrow for McDermott and Gibson was a really awful trade by the way), and the reliable bench play of Denzel Valentine, that leaves no minutes for Grant at point guard or any other position.

The Bulls have made their choice, and Dunn is the point guard of the future. I imagine this will hold true until 1.) they draft a better PG to replace him or 2.) the chance comes along to sign for one of the multitude of star PG’s in the league. This is a significant step forward for Dunn, being a franchise building block instead of an afterthought/bust like he was in Minnesota. He joins Markkanen and LaVine as the official CORE members. Bobby Portis stands on the outside of the CORE, looking in with a sad expression because nobody will let him in. Jerian Grant isn’t even looking into the CORE because he knows he’s not worthy.

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