Donovan Mitchell 27 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2018)

The narrative is slipping away from Donovan Mitchell. His ROY of the Year chances seem to be dwindling away. Ben Simmons, buoyed by the fake concepts of “court vision”, “defense”, and “impact”, is the favorite to win, and it doesn’t seem like any amount of 40-point games can displace him.

There is no second chance for Mitchell. Despite my repeated lobbying attempts, the NBA refuses to consider non-rookies for their Rookie of the Year award. I think that’s ageist, and I think the courts would agree with me but whatever. I’m just one guy trying to fight decades of entrenched bureaucracy. If Mitchell wants ROY hardware, it has to happen now, but nothing he does will be good enough, short of scoring 100.

Now there’s an idea. It would be tough, but I think he could pull it off. Him being told to shoot every shot for 48 minutes without passing even when he’s quadruple-teamed would make him happy, I think. You can tell passing isn’t really his thing. He’ll do it, but what he really wants is buckets.

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