Julius Randle 25 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2018)

So Julius Randle averaged 19/9/4 in the month of February on 59% shooting. Those are approaching prime Blake Griffin numbers (or if you want to dig deeper into Clippers history, prime Elton Brand numbers). If Randle averaged those numbers for a whole season he would be an undisputed top five power forward in the league. I’m actually sort of glad that my old channel got deleted because I did a lot of hating on Randle in all those old video descriptions. Now it’s a lot harder to find out how dumb I was being at that time, but, in fairness to my past self, Randle wasn’t quite as good then as he is now.

Randle’s gotten a good start on the month of March by scoring 25 in each of the two games he’s played in the month. It’s bad timing for Randle because the free agent market is looking pretty tight, but in a normal off-season, he would be setting himself up for a gigantic payday with these sick stats.

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