Justin Jackson 14 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2018)

I have these persistent positive feelings towards Justin Jackson but I’m not sure why. Every time I see him play I’m like “yeah he looks pretty good” but then he doesn’t score that many points or shoot that well from the field. Case in point: he’s currently below 30% on three-pointers for the season, on 125 attempts. So why do I think he’ll be the next Chandler Parsons (good Chandler Parsons, not nowadays Chandler Parsons who is injured, overpaid, and outrageously handsome)?

As early as next season, Jackson might be the full-time starter for the Kings at small forward. He already sort of is because he’s started every game since late January. Unless they go sign somebody in free agency (not a smart move, they should tank again next year because this squad isn’t ready to seriously contend for a playoff spot), there’s no other SF’s on the roster who you would want to start over him. Except if they re-sign Bruno Caboclo for maximum tanking hilarity.

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