Taj Gibson 18 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2018)

“There she is,” Taj whispered to himself as paused his preparation for shootaround, instead choosing to gaze in the direction of the practicing dance team. “My one, my only.”

Nemanja Bjelica overheard Taj’s love-struck murmurings and walked over to stand next to him. “I tell you, man, all needing to do is go and talk. Tell her that you wish to make sex with her.”

Taj gave Nemanja a dirty look. “That might work for a crude, crass lowlife such as yourself, but a refined gentleman would never be so forward,” he said before returning his gaze to the dance team.

“I will remind, that exact technique I advocate for was much success in having Brianna do the sex with me,” Nemanja replied. “On other hand, your technique of faraway admiration and distasteful poems has so far bringing you no success with Brianna.” He pushed his teammate lightly in the back to get him to approach the woman of his desire. “So go telling her now what is it you want.”

Nemanja’s push only succeeded in getting Taj to move one step forward before he stopped. “I can’t do that. I have respect for her, and I desire more than just sex with her. I want to feel the closeness of our souls, not just the closeness of our bodies.” The dance team had just begun rehearsing another one of their choreographed routines, but Taj politely averted his gaze when he saw Brianna bend forward at the waist and begin twerking with the rest of her teammates.

“You watching too much Disney’s movies!” Nemanja exclaimed, rolling his eyes. “You get cucked many times by many teammate. If Brianna ever did having a soul, it is very broken and undesirable. Such girl may exist who can making soul connection with you, but is not Brianna.”

“You would know nothing about her soul, since I am sure that you never made an attempt to share meaningful words with her at any point during your alleged lovemaking,” Taj said angrily. “I have shared many meaningful words with her through the ancient and respected medium of poetry.”

Nemanja turned around to rejoin the rest of his teammates, who had begun taking their practice shots. Before he left his teammate’s side, however, he had one more comment to make. “Brianna did saying one thing while we making sex. She telling me that poems of Taj were one part sad and one part pathetic and one part creepy. That is truth. Those her words.”

“I don’t believe you,” Taj said quietly. “Brianna would never say such hurtful things.” However, now that he was confronted with the thought that Brianna might view his thoughtfully-composed poems in that way, he couldn’t remove it from his head. All during shootaround, he hoped that nobody noticed the burning tears which were welling up in his eyes.

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