Sindarius Thornwell 14 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2018)

It’s a good thing that, by the time this game was being played, I was deep in the throes of highlight-making ecstasy, because if I had witnessed first-hand the spectacle of Sindarius Thornwell scoring eleven points in the first quarter, I would have entered the hype zone. My BHL’s (blood-hype levels) would have been off the charts. And then I would have crashed hard once it transpired that Thornwell would only score three more points for the rest of the game.

I can still feel my hype levels going up just from watching this video after the fact. Him and the rest of his motley Clippers crew just completely dominated Jabroni Lames and the Cavalosers in the first quarter. You can bet that LeBrick Shames went to the huddle after the first quarter and chewed out his teammates for letting Thornwell do that to them. Then, after the game was over, he probably did the same because Thornwell ended up getting a career high, and that’s just embarrassing.

Unrelated observation: is “Sindarius” the most awesome name ever or what? And the “Thornwell” at the end just makes it ten times better. That’s a name destined for NBA success. It’s like ancient Greek history and Lord of the Rings combined.

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