James Johnson 20 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/10/2018)

I don’t know how or why it happened, but the Heat completely booty-blasted the Wizards last night, AND they did it without Hassan Whiteside available, which conclusively proves that Whiteside isn’t even a vital part of either the Heat’s offensive success nor their defensive success. The Wizards were so thoroughly booty-bothered that the Heat even got to trot out Heat legend Udonis Haslem as well as not-quite-Heat-legend Jordan Mickey.

Meanwhile, James Johnson dropped twenty points in twenty minutes (19 minutes and 46 seconds, if you want to be exact) while being about as efficient as you could ever hope for (he only missed one shot). Johnson has had a disappointing stretch of games where he was scoring six or fewer points, and it’s either because of his worse play, or due to his worse play, that his minutes have been steadily decreasing as the season goes on. Are they resting him for the playoffs so he can unleash his inner LeBron on the real LeBron in the first round? Or is he just slowing down due to age and isn’t as effective as everybody wishes he was?

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