Milos Teodosic 15 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/10/2018)

Listen, I know trying to determine worth by looking at single-game plus-minus is a big no-no, but Milos Teodosic was plus-19 in an 8-point game while all the other big-minute players were hovering around 0. Don’t tell me that doesn’t mean anything. It’s just one game, but I truly believe that that statistic illustrates a point about the Clippers. That point being that Teodosic is by far their best PG option. He might hurt their defense a bit, but he makes things run much smoother (especially compared to Austin Rivers), even when he doesn’t put up good-looking (good-looking, HAH, get it? because he looks like a hobo all the time!) stats.

Having the good stats helps, though. Like tonight. The Clippers don’t win this one if he doesn’t score some of those crafty veteran buckets of his. The broadcast crew showed some stat that the Clippers have a really good winning percentage when he has a certain amount of points or a certain amounts of assists. Obviously, there’s a correlation between scoring more and winning more for almost all players, but it seemed especially striking for Teodosic.

I’m not going to inform you of the exact numbers. That would ruin the surprise. He surpassed them in both categories tonight, I’ll tell you that much.

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