Bogdan Bogdanovic 19 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2018)

I’m still so amped up from Brandon Jennings dropping 16 and 12 that I’m having trouble forming coherent thoughts about any other subject. Like, I try to think about Bogdan Bogdanovic and how he scored 19 which isn’t even that good for him anymore, and my mind butts in and says “oh yeah but Jennings had 16 and 12 and everyone thought he was gone forever isn’t that cool”. And I agree. It is cool. But it’s over now, and I need to think about Bogdanovic, the stony-faced Serb.

He’s been in a mini-slump lately, not taking this game into account, removing him somehow even further from the ROY of the Year conversation. If they did fan voting like they do for the All-Star game he might have an outside chance, but the NBA takes the end-of-season awards seriously. Only serious consideration is given to only serious candidates. No votes for Bruno Caboclo for MIP even though you could make an argument for him.

He needs to get more minutes, by the way. 2 years away from 2 years away means he’s ready right now. I bet if Bogdanovic worked hard enough he could throw him a successful lob.

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