Derrick White 14 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2018)

The commonly accepted wisdom is that the Spurs are good at developing young talent. The best, even. I have been working tirelessly to put an end to that blatant lie. I just got done with a 4-hour stint standing in front of my local fire department with a sandwich board that said on both sides “The Sperms are Failing to Properly Develop Derrick White” with the Spurs’ logo photoshopped to look like a sperm underneath the words. I had a megaphone too and I was using it to inform passersby of how Gregg Popovich is an overrated hack. The firepeople were totally cool with it, at least, they were until I set a bush on fire as further protest.

It wasn’t even that big of a deal. Just one bush. But they got all mad and made me leave. I mean, they were right there, so they didn’t even have to do much to put it out.

And just as I advocate for him, White goes out and scores 14 points! What great timing! The Spurs were trying to hold him down tonight, but with their injury issues and the eventual beatdown they received from the Rockets, he ended up with a good amount of minutes and an even better amount of points. He still needs to demand a trade, though. To a team that actually wants to develop first-round talents.

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