Justise Winslow 15 Points Full Highlights (3/12/2018)

How far above their season average does a player have to score to earn the distinction of having had a “scoring outburst”? Because I’ve been sitting here looking at the Heat-Blazers boxscore for about fifteen minutes now, and all I can think about is how Justise Winslow might have just had a scoring outburst and nobody even realizes it.

If the requirement for a “scoring outburst” is that you double your expected point output, Winslow qualifies because he averages 7 PPG this season and scored fifteen in this game. But that doesn’t seem quite honest because fifteen isn’t a very high amount of points. A scoring outburst should at least result in a point total above twenty, right?

In addition, on how many consecutive possessions does a player have to score before they’re said to have “taken over a game” for a stretch of time? Is it three possessions in a row? I only ask because Winslow scored on three possessions in a row in the fourth quarter and it really seemed like to me that he had taken over the game. But did he? What is the true nature of these enigmatic concepts?

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