Jusuf Nurkic 27 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (3/12/2018)

As is often the case with Jusuf Nurkic’s high-scoring performances, this one features a lot of wild shots at the rim which happen to go in. Does he even bother locating the rim before throwing the ball up in its general vicinity? This video also features a lot of ragdoll physics as he uses his superior meatage to stick his meat in every orifice of whoever it is who’s charged with defending him. And when I say “every orifice”, I really mean it. All of them get filled with Nurkic’s meat.

Watching this video reminds me of another player with a propensity for taking wild shots, but is skilled and strong enough to make up for it: Julius Randle. Randle’s a bit shorter and doesn’t contest shots at the rim as well as Nurkic does, but they both love taking it inside no matter how tough the shot is going to be. They also both have had periods in their careers where they tried to reinvent themselves as jumpshooters, then gave up on those aspirations. Reducing the amount of jumpshots makes sense for Nurkic given that both Zach Collins and Meyers Leonard fill the “jumpshooting big white dude” role for the team.

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