Frank Kaminsky 21 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2018)

Frank Kaminsky was kinda taking it to Anthony Davis on both ends of the court. He wasn’t dominating him or anything, but he was really holding his own and being aggressive. On a night where Hornets fans had to be reminded yet again of how they got screwed in the David draft and ended up with MKG as the saddest consolation prize ever, they had to be happy that their other disappointing first-rounder can sometimes not be so disappointing.

I’m so sorry, Hornets fans. You did nothing to deserve all this. At least you still have the sickest color scheme in the league.

Keen viewers of this video will notice that Kaminsky had 5 points in 5 seconds near the end of this one to keep it close. Can you say T-Mac? I’m kidding, because T-Mac’s famous performance is way, WAY better than this. It’s not even close, and if you thought it was even close, you were being a big dumbo.

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