Jerami Grant 20 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (3/13/2018)

I don’t know how useful a power forward is when he doesn’t have an outside shot or a post game, doesn’t rebound that much, and only blocks shots some of the time, but the Thunder must think that type of player can be pretty useful because Jerami Grant is one of their main bench guys. He’s strictly an opportunistic scorer who relies on other players to set him up, sort of like Kenneth Faried in Denver (RIP in peace), but he’s shooting a career-high percentage from the field (52%) and apparently has figured out his limitations. Every team needs a guy who knows his own limitations.

Now I’m getting all sad again because my Jerami Grant dunkilation from two seasons ago got deleted along with the rest of my videos, and if there’s one thing that the unwashed masses of YouTube deserve, it’s a five-minute long Jerami Grant dunkfest in video format. I can still watch it on my computer but it’s not the same. Time for a sadness-curing PopTart.

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