Markieff Morris 27 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2018)

It is extremely easy to forget about the existence of Markieff Morris. Don’t worry if you saw this vid pop up and said to yourself “wow that guy is still in the league” or “I’ve never even heard of this bum, these 10-day contracts are getting ridiculous”. The Wizards are not an exciting team, Morris plays an unexciting position (the tweener position) on said team, and while he’s a nice scorer, his overall game is rather unexciting as well. Fans of adjectives (I’m really more of an adverb guy myself) will note that “soporific” is basically the perfect descriptor for him.

I don’t feel like either of the Morrii, Marcus or Markieff, are performing at the level they showed in Phoenix. These 27 points represent a season-high for Markieff, and they would also be a season-high for marcus. Both these dudes are, maybe not great scorers, but good scorers, but playoff teams have different needs from the bottom-feeders, and neither one is good enough to justify a high usage rate.

Or something. I’m getting sleepy for some reason.

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