Quinn Cook 13 Points Full Highlights (3/14/2018)

Quinn Cook, in this game, gave you everything that Stephen Curry gives you, just in smaller quantities. He hit a three pointer (Steph Curry hits three pointers). He got an assist (Steph Curry gets assists). He fouled out in 27 minutes (this is one category where Cook actually exceeded Curry’s normal production). He took eleven shots (Curry’s season-low FGA in games where he didn’t get injured is twelve). Basically, Cook is like an ultra-lite Curry is what I’m trying to say.

Tongue-in-cheek comments aside, the collection of total scrubs that was assembled around Kevin Durant truly performed admirably against the Lakers, a team that has recently been playing like a playoff team. If Durant’s minutes had been replaced by, say, Omri Casspi, then it would have been a blowout loss for the Warriors and everybody would have had a bad game, but Durant’s superstar presence allowed their motley scrub unit to put together some solid individual performances. With a few more reps I could see some of these guys being able to provide valuable minutes in the playoffs so that Iguodala and Livingston don’t have to play so much that their limbs fall off.

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