Corey Brewer 22 Points/6 Steals Full Highlights (3/16/2018)

Why is the Corey Brewer experiment in OKC working? I have analyzed many binders full of boring documents trying to find answers, but I have found none. Part of the problem was some of the binders were about topics like “math” and “science”, but another, and I think main, part of the problem is that there are simply no answers to be found. There is no reason why Brewer, who sucks, should be succeeding on a good team.

How is making so many threes? He has made way more threes in way fewer minutes on fewer attempts then he had with the Lakers. Again, there are no satisfactory answers. Russell Westbrook is well known for not making his teammates better, but Brewer is thriving. He was acquired to be an offensively do-nothing player and a defensively do-everything player. They didn’t need him to score. They didn’t WANT him to score. But he is.

I hope he is as confused about the situation as I am. That every time he scores he does a mental “Jordan shrug” to himself and thinks about how he usually blows that layup or bricks that jumper.

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