Dwight Buycks Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2018)

Tonight, Dwight Buycks returned to the scene of past triumphs, to Denver, the location where, if you can remember way back in April of 2015, he shredded the ankles of Gary Harris so bad that Harris fell right on his heinie and had to watch him hit a triple. Harris suffered yet another ankle injury tonight, but I don’t think it was Buycks’ doing this time. Too bad.

Perhaps, Buycks did him one better: he scored a career-high 22 points, including an awe-inspiring run in the 4th quarter where he iso-ed the heck out of the ball and hit some incredible shots. It was, as they say, the “Dwight Buycks Show”, which is probably the first time that has happened since his college days. It wasn’t enough to win, because the Pistons foolishly sat him a good chunk of the game, but he did manage to put some fear in the hearts of the Nuggets.

The Pistons are in need of competent players right now, since they seem to be still going the “try to win games” route despite being way behind in the playoff race. If Buycks can just do this every game, but like at twice the volume, so basically 40 points from here until the end of the season, well, they probably still won’t make the playoffs but wouldn’t that be the gnarliest thing ever?

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