Ian Clark 16 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2018)

The minimal amount of attention that Ian Clark got while he was on the Warriors has faded completely away, leaving Clark to be nothing but an ignored sharpshooter on a good, but not great, playoff team. From bandwagon fans pretending they knew who he was to nobody even pretending to care because they don’t know he exists in the first place, Clark’s notoriety has an NBA player has taken a significant hit.

I shouldn’t even call him a sharpshooter. He’s shooting below 30% from three-point land this season. That’s garbage. Having a shooting guard that can’t shoot threes is like having a center that can’t rebound or a white American male that can’t play with grit and hustle. Clark, once upon a time, did know how to shoot threes, and it’s not like the three-point line is further away in the Smoothie King Center, so it’s kind of okay that he’s shooting 2.6 threes per game, but then again, it’s also not really that okay because he sucks bad at them this season.

Luckily, Clark’s money midrange game is accurate enough (around 48%) to have earned him the new nickname “The Clarksman”. Get it? Like “marksman” but with his last name thrown in there? Isn’t that an awesome nickname?

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