Quinn Cook Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (3/16/2018)

I’m back from vacation (it sucked btw, the TV in the hotel room claimed to be hd but I could count the pixels), so expect normal uploadment of highlights to resume tonight. In the meantime, enjoy yourself while I get caught up on the stuff I missed. Basically, if it’s a video I would still make just for personal enjoyment if I was retired or something, I’m going to be getting it done. I thought about just skipping all those days, but I simply couldn’t ignore Quinn Cook stepping up big time in the absence of literally every good player on the Warriors (note the shade I am throwing on Draymond Green).

I’m pretty sure the only reason the Warriors got him in the first place is because he dropped 22 on them near the end of the regular season last year, during the Pelicans’ usual “everyone is injured so let’s throw a bunch of random D-Leaguers into the game and see what happens” end-of-season tankathon. He showed a lot that game, I thought. Better than your average D-Leaguer getting buckets.

He hadn’t shown much in Golden State up until the game prior to this, where he scored 13 and I made highlights (which are now thoroughly obsolete). His team is too good for him to get a consistent role, sadly. Which makes this particular explosion all the sweeter. 25 points, 10 for 13 shooting, he was the man on offense and while it didn’t lead to a win, it did lead to him scoring 25 points. How’s that for profundity?

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