Denzel Valentine Career High 34 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (3/17/2018)

I’m super duper sorry that I’m late to the party with this one. This is, like, absolute primo DTB material, Denzel “Devalent” (like “divalent”, get it???? okay bad nickname i’m sorry) Valentine scoring 34 with 8 threes and turning LeBron James into NoDefense Suckballs (actually it was mostly George Hill he was abusing but who cares), easily falling in the top .1 percent of videos, and I selfishly ignored it until now. My vacation was more important, apparently, than your prompt enjoyment. What have I become?

In my defense, the internet there sucked, and the remote desktop solution I set up made me more mad than anything. My laptop has a tiny-ass screen which made it hard PLUS I didn’t bring my over-buttoned mouse that has buttons for all the stuff I need for editing together a vid. Trying to do it with a trackpad, not even a little red nipple like my old laptop had, that was impossible. Just impossible. Might as well have uploaded the whole game and told you to make your own highlights out of it by giving you timestamps.

…now there’s an idea.

So, yeah, my bad. This was an amazing performance, not only by Valentine but by Stacey King as well. The only people to make more threes than this in a Bulls uni were Nikola Mirotic (last year) and Ben Gordon (of course). Of note: Chris Duhon made 8 once, back early in his career when he hadn’t yet revealed how bad he sucked.

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