Josh Jackson Career High 36 Points Full Highlights (3/17/2018)

I know you’re all getting tired of me comparing players to Giannis Antetokounmpo, but can you blame me? I watch a lot of Giannis, thus, I see a lot of his traits in other players. Player like… Josh Jackson! If you can give me one, JUST ONE, reason, that Jackson can’t be like a Giannis 0.7.1a, I will livestream me eating my vintage purple-and-green Bucks hat.

That’s the why the Suns drafted him so high, I think. Because he has the tools to be a solid/elite all-around player. Just look at him: he basically looks like the ideal basketball player, maybe a little short, but the hair makes up for it. When he actually plays, that’s another story, because he looks pretty far from the ideal basketball player when he’s launching up an ill-fated three-pointer, but if I had to pick out of a lineup of other Suns players who was going to be a franchise player, it would be him. Not Devin Booker. Is that dude chubbing out or is it just me?

It took Giannis a lot longer to score 36 in the NBA, that’s for sure. This was an almost mind-blowing scoring performance from Jackson. Truly mind-blowing would’ve been 40, which was somehow in reach even though lots of Jackson’s buckets this year have been the result of luck and determination rather than pure scoring skill. Lots of the stuff in this video doesn’t go in most nights, but it did here, and that’s what counts.

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