Quinn Cook Career High 28 Points Full Highlights (3/17/2018)

Back-to-back career-high games for Quinn Cook. Without the benefit of any spacing created by the players on the Warriors who normally score 20+. Sure, it was against two bad teams, but players don’t usually scrape together consecutive career-highs unless they are actually playing good basketball.

Cook now has the two highest-scoring games by a Warrior this season who aren’t part of the “big three”, or even the “big four” if you think, for some reason, that Draymond Green isn’t a massive net negative on the court. This could be construed as Golden State having a problem with their role-players not being very good, or it could be construed as a non-problem with their non-role-players being too good. It’s up to you, I guess.

Has he earned a decent role for the Warriors after Stephen Curry comes back? I’d say he has, at least until he starts regressing/the playoffs start happening. As great as the Warriors are, I bet they would like at least one bench option whose name isn’t Nick Young (who apparently is unplayably bad????) to be able to put the ball in the basket semi-regularly.

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