Taurean Prince Career High 38 Points Full Highlights (3/17/2018)

Taurean Prince does it again. He’s scored 123 points in the last 4 games, all of them Hawks losses, but think about how bad it would’ve been if he scored 0 points instead. They would’ve gotten blown out by 30 every game!

I don’t understand how this is happening. This is Taurean Prince. He’s a fine player. Nice name. A name so good I’m writing a whole sci-fi/fantasy novel based on it (but not him, and if you’re wondering where chapter 3 is, well, I’m watching the Bucks right now so you’ll have to wait). But he’s just a guy. “Just guy”s don’t score 38 points. Ever. Either my evaluation of him is wrong, or… actually that’s the only explanation.

Normally I’m pretty good at evaluating talent. Is there something in Prince that I’m not detecting? A hidden LeBron that lurks just under the extremely black surface?

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