Khris Middleton 30 Points Full Highlights (3/19/2018)

Bucks fans are starting to turn on Khris Middleton a bit. Mostly because he doesn’t play a whole ton of defense anymore, but also because he likes to shoot iso midrange jumpers. Now, I agree with that first one. I can see where people are coming from on that. But the isos? I love those things! He never misses! And even if he did, it’s not his fault that the Bucks have no discernible offensive system besides “hope someone does a good enough individual move to get a bucket”.

I swear, some fanbases complain and complain about not having a go-to scorer and then when they get one they just want to keep complaining. They didn’t like Michael Redd either.

Another point of contention with him is that he only shows up against bad teams. I’ve noticed this, myself. Depending on your definition, the Cavaliers fall into that category, but that’s not the definition I subscribe to, so I’ll put this one in the “good games by Khash against good teams” category. His second of the year!

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