Quinn Cook 20 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/19/2018)

Quinn Cook continues his strong run of play in the absence of Curry, Durant, and Thompson. He didn’t set another career-high in points, but he did tie a career-high in assists with five of them. I don’t really care as much about assists as some people, and the first assist in particular was total donkey poo (shame on you scorekeepers), but the scoring shown in this video is first-rate.

I have made my disdain for layups (“LAMEups”) well known, so you’ll be happy to see that this video contains none of them, except when Cook is the passer on the play rather than the scorer. Cook himself just wants to shoot jumpshots, and he doesn’t care if he has to zigzag into the pain and then fade away to get his shot off. He’s going to take those shots, and, much of the time, he’s going to make those shots. You would think that LMA, Gasol, and Bertans wouldn’t prove to be much of a deterrent at the rim, but Cook played it safe for the most part and only attempted one or two layups (“LAMEups”).

Thanks Quinn! You’re the best! Make sure to tell Steve Kerr that you deserve at least six minutes per game in the playoffs!

(Note: I re-uploaded this video because I forgot the free throws at the end. I hate free throws)

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