Jayson Tatum 23 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

This video is absolutely stuffed to the brim with highlight plays. I don’t know if Jayson Tatum is just an unstoppable highlights machine or what, but it seemed like every play that he made in this video deserved at least one or two additional replays to remind us how awesome it was. Even better, the Celtics came away with the win because the Chokelahoma Shitty Blunder managed to blunder and choke their way into a loss despite being up by six with like half a minute to go.

Tatum, overall, has cooled off from his blazing-hot start, and he’s way on the outside of the ROTY of the year conversation, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that he’ll be a top three player out of that draft when all is said and done. The two players above him will be, of course, Sterling Brown and D.J. Wilson. And then T.J. Leaf will be in fourth because I have an affinity for dudes who use initials as their first name. This isn’t a dig at Tatum, by the way. I think he’s a beast. Every fan wishes their team had him. I’m just saying, Deej is going to be way better. Please god.

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