Jeff Teague 20 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

I don’t want to make Jeff Teague highlights, no one wants to watch Jeff Teague highlights, but here we are. Looking at three full minutes of Jeff Teague highlights and wondering where everything went so wrong.

I could’ve made highlights of Boban Marjanovic scoring 4 points like 20 times in the time it took to display Teague scoring 20 points and dishing 12 (really 9 but, you know, home cooking) assists. Not complaining or anything. I don’t play favorites, but I really wish Teague would get a little better so I could exempt him from my channel.

The incredible animosity towards him from every single T-Wolves fan seems to have simmered down a bit. I bet they still wish they had Rubio (so he could beef with Jimmy Butler in person instead of across several states), but Teague has been showing the ability to do some Rubio-esque things. Even some things that Rubio couldn’t. We still need more pick-and-pops with KAT, though.

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