Shelvin Mack 17 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

It’s really cool that the Magic brought in Tracy McGrady to talk about stuff while his old team played the Raptors. I’m sure he had some great insight/anecdotes/jokes or whatever. But he kind of totally ruined these Shelvin Mack highlights. Mack did his damage in the second quarter, coincidentally the exact time T-Mac was taking up half-the-screen with his eye-bags.

These highlights were also ruined by the fact that they are highlights of Mack and not someone more exciting like prime T-Mac.

I shouldn’t be too hard on the Macksturbator. He’s been in the league for over half a decade now, which is a good feat for a second-rounder who has never looked particularly impressive (except for that little stint with the Jizz). I don’t know how much longer he can stick around, but I’m sure the Magic will give him some huge 5-year deal whenever whatever deal he’s currently on expires. DISS. I just DISSED the Magic by implying that they give out crappy contracts!

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