Enes Kanter 23 Points Full Highlights (3/21/2018)

Who is this dude talking who’s not Clyde Frazier? Whoever he is, he’s not rhyming enough of his words and he’s not using the word “hoop” enough. When Enes Kanter posts and toasts somebody, I want it referred to as such. When he tantalizes and mesmerizes somebody, I need those words said aloud. I only watched bits and pieces of this game in order to make highlight videos from it, but those small segments were just sad and boring without Clyde’s soothing voice being the backdrop to the action. Knicks games are already no fun because there’s no more Kristaps, so without Clyde I’m guessing total TV viewership for this one was in the low hundreds.

Another problem with this video is that too many of Kanter’s buckets come off of offensive rebounds. Offensive rebounds are great and every team wishes they got more of them, plus Kanter is the best in the business at that particular skill, but it would be cooler if he just toasted Olynyk for all his points. I personally believe that the untalented players on the Knicks need to focus more on getting the talented players (Kanter) the ball so they can score it. Kanter and his 60% shooting won’t win the game by themselves but somebody of Kanter’s kaliber shouldn’t have to scrounge for points like a hobo.

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