E’Twaun Moore 23 Points Full Highlights (3/21/2018)

E’Twaun Moore is basically the third banana in New Orleans now that DeMarcus Cousins’s head got exploded because his headband was too tight. On the list of all third bananas in the league, maybe he’d rate somewhere in the middle? Not as good as Klay Thompson, but way better than whatever scrublord is third banana in Cleveland. Actually Moore might be on the lower end. He’s good, and really efficient for a player his size, but he doesn’t really do much besides sometimes score.

He’s working out, though, because the Pelicans are probably going to make the playoffs with him playing a semi-major role. He’s one of the unnoticed successes of this NBA season, in my opinion. He went from being a bench scrub just a few years ago to a legit role-player today, and lots of that development happened this year.

Too bad no one cares. Does anyone know how to buy ads on Facebook so I can direct people to watch this video?

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