Fred VanVleet 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/21/2018)

Fred “Vleet of Voot” VanVleet: best backup PG in the league? I’m too lazy/dumb to come up with a list of all the backup PG’s in the league, so I can only make weak assertions with no evidence or facts to back them up. Fans of the other 29 teams in the league will probably come in here and say that their backup point guard is the best one that I’m being a stupid ninny by stating that VanVleet is actually the best. Most of the good backups have holes in their game that prevent them from being a starter, but I actually don’t see that with VanVleet other than maybe he’s too short.

Speaking of being short, how tall is VanVleet really? Is he six feet tall? J.J. Barea is sometimes listed as six feet tall so you know that the number they give for height is just a total made-up fairytale number. Can we get VanVleet to stand next to Isaiah Thomas, who’s height has been conclusively determined (by science) to be 5’6″, in order to do a comparison? Is there anybody out there with the power to arrange such a meeting? ESPN? Adam Silver? Obama?

P.S. I just remembered that Barea is the best backup PG in the league and it’s not really close.

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