George Hill 22 Points Full Highlights (3/21/2018)

George Hill was 10-of-11 from the field in this game. Great! I love it when players score efficiently. He also had zero assists, but I honestly don’t know whether that’s great or not great. He’s always been a point guard in name only, stretching the limit of how little a point guard can care about passing. But zero assists is below even his own low standard for ball distribution. If there was a possibility of getting negative assists, Hill would have probably done it.

I suppose that LeBron was hogging all the assists in this one; he got seventeen of them after all. There is a well-known limit to how many assists a team can get in one game, and it just so happened that the Cavaliers started bumping up against that limit before Hill got a chance to record an assist himself. Considering all that, I won’t be too hard on Hill for embracing his inner scorer. I will, however, continue to be hard on him for that time he bleached his hair blonde like he thought he was Jason Kidd or something.

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