Frank Mason 16 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/22/2018)

Now would normally be the part of the season when the Kings, as a team who maybe isn’t so good at winning games, start bringing in a whole bunch of randoms to try out. Look at their opponent tonight, the Hawks. Who are any of those guys? That’s a rhetorical question; obviously I know who they all are and you probably do to. But the Kings, besides trading for Bruno Caboclo (who is currently in the process of being freed btw), are sticking to the same players they had at the beginning of the season. They don’t have much space to spare. Nice! Chemistry is being developed as we speak.

Frank Mason has had an okay season for the Kings, some nice games mixed in with a whole bunch of not so nice games, but he’s a little on the old side to be this unimpressive. He’s going to be 24 by the end of the season, which isn’t super old, but it’s maybe concerning that he’s not doing more. The NBA has a problem with teams overvaluing youth at times, and it would be stupid for the Kings to give up on him, but they could consider trading him possibly. To the Bucks for Thon Maker. Can that happen now? Like right now? We love old rookies.

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